Vargas Turbocharger Technologies was born in 1978 by Ron Vargas under the name Vargas Hi Performance. His dream was to build a shop where people would bring their cars, trucks, boats, toys, to have turned into turbocharged hot rods. This dream quickly turned into taking just about the only turbo available at that time a Rajay and building some of the most outlandish and insane turbo systems people had ever seen at the time. The shop quickly became known for its hot rod turbo systems and business we booming. Over the years the hot rod spirit was somewhat diminished for a more stable market of diesel and industrial turbochargers.

In the past year Ron has passed and his son Anthony has taken over and has decided to bring the company back to some of its Hi Performance roots and again offer automotive turbocharger upgrade for the enthusiast. We have chosen the BMW N54 platform as our starting place because a genuine need exists for cost effective options to what is already on the market and because there is still plenty of room to grow. We would like to welcome you to the site, encourage you take a look around, and feel free to email us or place an order and we will follow up within 24 hours.

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