Stage 1 Turbo Results Are In 471WHP / 528WTQ

In the face of many naysayers the stage 1 results have come back and have proven for the price they are a very successful upgrade over stock turbos. Dzenno at Pro Tuning Freaks has put them through  their paces with simple instructions from me, “see if you can break them” so far so good,  he hasn’t been able to..:) Stage 1’s are available in our product store and if you have any question drop us an email or

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  1. Richard

    What supporting mods does dzenno have to get these dyno numbers besides the turbo upgrade?

  2. Obed figueroa

    I just purchased the stage 1 and was wondering if I needed to upgrade my fue=
    l pump.

  3. vargasturbo

    Hey Richard, Basically for stage 1 you need to be FBO, upgrade the low pressure fuel pump and either use meth and pump or E85 to see these numbers.

  4. Frank

    Is it possible to reach 500 whp with the stage 1 upgrade or is that more for the stage 2? Stage 1 turbos are not able to hit 500WHP. Stage 2 is needed for that. Thanks,

  5. Eddy

    basically have a fbo (catback, downpipes, dci, meth, appropriate tune) I’m considering changing for stage 1 of you, how many hps so I expect? Do I need to do some other upgrade?

  6. Brad

    I was wondering what the differences are between stage 1 and 2 are?

    I ordered the stage 1 with the thrust bearing upgrade and the billet upgrade.

    Looking at stage 2 description, i don’t seem to find a difference.

    Any help?

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