Vargas Turbocharger Technologies was born in 1978 by Ron Vargas under the name Vargas Hi Performance.


His dream was to build a shop where people would bring their cars, trucks, boats, toys, to have turned into turbocharged hot rods. This dream quickly turned into taking just about the only turbo available at that time a Rajay and building some of the most outlandish and insane turbo systems people had ever seen at the time. The shop quickly became known for its hot rod turbo systems and business we booming. Over the years the hot rod spirit was somewhat diminished for a more stable market of diesel and industrial turbochargers.


He continued along this path, and eventually found his love which was Diesel’s as he came from the trucking industry, while keeping the performance side alive, he transformed the business into a Turbo and Diesel Specialty shop catering to all types of light diesels and turbocharged platforms. From there he went through the extensive red tape process, and started Vargas Aero Turbo which built, and re-manufactured turbochargers for aircraft, and also branched in the industrial turbocharging world.