Warranty Information

All stage 1’s and stage 2 turbochargers are completely factory bolt on and will not require modification of your car in anyway

  • Stage 3 systems will require modifications to your vehicle, and VTT are not responsible for any issues with factory warranties or emissions verification
  • Stage 1-3 turbochargers are legal in the state of CA for OFF-ROAD purposes only and may never be driven on a public road
  • Cores must be returned in 30 days an order to collect full core refund. 30-45 days 75% refund, 45-60 days 50% refund, after 60 days core charge is forfeit. Cores must be returned in undamaged condition, if damage occurs in shipping, due to poor packing or other reasons we reserve the right to prorate or forfeit core refund at our discretion. (this is most important for N55 cores as they are VERY fragile If cores are returned on time and undamaged, you will receive your core refund within 30 days via the method of our choice, paypal, check, etc. All cores should be return shipped to address below.Buyer is responsible for all core shipping charges.

All Hybrid turbochargers come with a limited warranty are guaranteed free from defects for one year 12 months from the date of purchase. All warranty claims will performed by us at our facility and be determined by our staff. All Stage 3 kits come with a limited warranty on all parts in the kit. This guarantees the kit to be free from defects BUT DOES NOT COVER the Garrett turbochargers as we do not build these in house and cannot warranty them. All turbocharger warranty claims will have to be made with Garrett directly

With all the legal stuff out of the way, we would like to add. We will do our absolute best to take care of any issues customers may have with any of our products and will work with you every step of the way to find a resolution. We are investing in this community and are here to help in any way we can. Before, during, and after the purchase process.